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  • Title - Connect 4
  • Programmer - Douglas O'Brien
  • System - TI-83, TI-83+
  • Language - TI-BASIC
  • Program Classification - Puzzle Game
  • Approx. Program Size - 4000 bytes
  • SiCoDe
    Connect 4
    The classic puzzle game
    0.0 INDEX
    1.1 What is Connect 4?

    Connect 4 is a conversion of the classic game where the aim is to connect four tokens in a row, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

    1.2 Version History

     v1.0 - Initial Release
    1.3 Future Plans

    There are no plans for future upgrades at this time.

    1) Unzip the file CONNECT4.ZIP into any directory, usually your Link Software's directory (e.g. C:\WINLINK).
    2) Run your Link Software and send the file CONNECT4.83P to your TI-83.
    3) Run the program prgmCONNECT4 to begin.
    4) Visit SiCoDe's website at for news and program updates.
    The aim of Connect 4 is very simple. You and a computer AI take turns to place a token in one of the eight columns. If four of your tokens (white) "connect" either diagonally, vertically or horizontally - you've won. If four of the AI's tokens (black) "connect" then you've lost.
    The AI is quite good, so don't expect an easy win...
    2nd / Enter
    Drop Token
    4.0 ADVANCED
    The AI on Connect 4 isn't stupid, to say the least. Try not to make any mistakes however, and lure it into a situation where no-matter what it could do you will win, and you should be able to beat it most if not all of the time.
    5.1 Troubleshooting 5.2 Known Bugs/Problems 5.3 Contacting Support

    SiCoDe will always try to rectify any problems you have with this software. If you do run into any difficulties just email or use our online form to contact us. Please describe the problem fully in order to help us understand the problem. 

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    6.1 About SiCoDe

    SiCoDe is a group of programmers who program for various TI calculators in the TI-BASIC language. SiCoDe aim to continually provide high-quality TI-BASIC programs. These are frequently considered to be inferior in all ways to ASM programs and we aim to eliminate this misconception!
    SiCoDe is an member of the TI-BASIC Quality Alliance which means that quality is assured in our products.
    SiCoDe also supports the Basmic Campaign which is dedicated to giving TI-BASIC programmers the credit they deserve for their programs.
    Further information about SiCoDe can be found by visiting our website at SiCoDe can be contacted at or by using our online form.

    6.2 Credits

    Programmed by - Douglas O'Brien
    Original Game Idea - Unknown
    Program Engine - Douglas O'Brien
    This Version's Code - Brandon Green
    Documentation - David Hall
    6.3 Acknowledgements
    SiCoDe wishes to thank...
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