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Ground Assault
The TI-83's Premier Strategy Game


1.1 What is Ground Assault?

Ground Assault was developed by SiCoDe to be the best strategy game for the TI-83. Based loosely around Daniel Simm's earlier Command & Conquer game, we set out to design and program a BASIC game that had ASM style graphics, ran at a usable speed, was easy to use and most importantly of all, was fun to play. This we did. In December 1998 we bettered even this with the release of Lords. Using the Lords engine, Ground Assault was updated so it remained the best strategy game for the TI-83.
In October 1999 SiCoDe ported Ground Assault and Lords to the TI-82, to bring quality strategy to that platform. We believe that Ground Assault IS the best strategy game for the TI-83, and here's why:

1.2 Version History 1.3 Future Plans

Ground Assault is being replaced by several new SiCoDe strategy games. Find out about these at SiCoDe's website, at

1) Unzip the file GA.ZIP into any directory, usually your Link Software's directory (e.g. C:\WINLINK).
2) Run your Link Software and send the file GA.83G to your TI-83.
3) Run the program prgmGA to begin.
4) Visit SiCoDe's website at for news and program updates.

To install the Ground Assault Level Editor (GAEdit)

1) unzip the file
2) Send GAEDIT.83P to your TI-83
3) Run prgmGAEDIT

On the options screen...

"Enter"    Select Option

In the main game...

"2nd"    Select Unit / Move / Attack
"ALPHA"    De-select unit
"CLEAR"    End Turn
"MODE"    Pause
"DEL"    Quit

In GAEdit...

"ENTER"    Select Unit
"CLEAR"    Clear Map
"GRAPH"    Quit


 4.1 Unit Descriptions
 4.2 Tutorial
 4.3 Basic Strategy
 4.4 Creating Custom Levels

4.1 Unit Descriptions

 -= Tree  Cost: -   =-

   OOO  It's scenary, isn't it!

 -= Cactus Cost: -   =-

    O O
O O O  (See above)

 -= Base  Cost: -   =-

 O   OO     The Base is used to build all the
 OOOOO  units in GA. However, it needs to be
 OO      O  defended because it hasn't got much health.

 -= Gunner Cost: 5 cash   =-

   O        The Gunner is the weakest unit in
   OOO  GA. However it is also the cheapest.
 O  O

 -= Flamer Cost: 10 cash   =-

 OO        The Flamer is basically a stronger,
 OOOO  more reliable Gunner.
 O   O

 -= L. Tank Cost: 20 cash   =-

  OOOO  A Light version of the mainstay of
  OOO     the GA arsenal.
O  O  O

 -= H. Tank Cost: 30 cash   =-

 OOOOO  The mainstay of the GA arsenal. The
 OOOO     heavy tank is the most heavily armed unit
 O   O   O  in the game.

 -= LRA  Cost: 25 cash   =-

  OO         The LRA (Long Range Artillery) is the
OOOOO  only unit that can fire two squares.
O   O   O  This means it can hide behind scenary.
   OOO     However it must be guarded well.

4.2 Tutorial

1)  Start up GA.
2)  Select New Game
3)  Select "Slot 1"
4)  Select "The Crossing" and watch the TI-83 draw the battlefield
5)  When the level has loaded, you can see a black box cursor. Move it using the cursor keys.
6)  Bored? Try selecting a piece of scenery... move the cursor to a tree and press "ALPHA".
7)  The tree's stats appear in the sidebar. Notice it's trademark lack of health.
8)  Okay, now move to your base and press "2nd". You should see the cursor disapper and a picture of a Gunner appear in the little box on the sidebar. You can build a unit by pressing up or down. If you wanted to cancel you would press "ALPHA". Try building a Gunner.
9)  Then you are asked where to place it. If you pressed "left" on the cursor keys to place it, it wouldn't place it because the base is at the edge of the map. The only place you can place it is to the right, so press "right" on      the cursor keys. Notice how 5 cash has been taken away from your cash supply. Select the Gunner by pressing "2nd".
10) It is waiting for orders for movement (by pressing the cursor keys it will move into a certain direction). Cancel by pressing "ALPHA". If it was next to an enemy you would press "2nd" to make it fight.
 11) Now we will build something a little more dangerous. Press "ALPHA" to deselect the peasant and select our base again. Keep pressing "Down" until the image of the flamer appears in the little box. Press "2nd" to select the unit, then press "Right" to place it.
 13) Move the units around until you run out of energy. Press "Clear" to end your turn. This will save the map's status onto your game 'slot' (in this case, slot 1). To reload a previous game all you have to do is choose the slot under which it was played. Hand the calculator to Player 2...
14) If you haven't been watching Player 1, ask how to select, build and move units. Now take it in turns to build, and move units.
15) TO ATTACK: The attacking player selects a unit (if it is next to an enemy unit) by pressing "2nd" and then "2nd" again. A message will appear in the status bar "Attack who?". Press the appropriate cursor key as if you were moving normally onto the defending unit's square. The TI-82 will calculate the battle and both units will lose health (except a LRA). If one unit's health reaches 0 it is destroyed and removed from the battlefield. (N.B. it costs 1 Energy to attack).

This is the end of your tutorial. Sorry if it doesn't make sense, but it should give you the ability to play GA :)

4.3 Basic Strategy

Ground Assault is a relatively simple strategy game. But don't think that means you need to use simple strategies! Here are some pointers...

1) Advance as soon as possible. This will make you gain ground and put the other player on the defensive so you do not have to defend your base as heavily.
2) Attack first! This increases your chances of winning a one-on-one combat!
3) Overwhealm the enemy with units - A few Tanks to neutralise the enemy's, and Gunners to get through to attack the base.
4) Defend your base using the least amount of units as possible. This will leave units free to attack.
5) Attack from two directions at once so the enemy has to commit units to knock out one group. Then charge with the other one!
6) If you block off all exits of an enemy base, you can stop them building units!

4.4 Creating Custom Levels

A GA Level Editor is included with GA. Run GAEdit. A 7X7 Grid is displayed. This represents the battlefield. Move the cursor around. To place a unit/piece of scenery, press ENTER and choose from the list. Easy isn't it! Here are some level designing tips...

 1) Make sure there is at least one base per player (you can  have more if you want!)
 2) Make sure there is a way through between bases
 3) Don't place too many units as this makes the game drag on  too long.
 4) Allow enough space for players to build multiple units in  one turn.
 5) Try to make it fair! (unless you are playing someone much  weaker then yourself)

Press CLEAR to clear a map, and GRAPH to quit GAEdit.

5.3 Contacting Support

6.1 About SiCoDe

SiCoDe is a group of programmers who program for various TI calculators in the TI-BASIC language. We also program ASM applets that can be used with TI-BASIC programs. SiCoDe aim to continually provide high-quality TI-BASIC programs. These are frequently considered to be inferior in all ways to ASM programs and we aim to eliminate this misconception!
SiCoDe is an affiliate of the TI-BASIC Quality Alliance which means that quality is assured in our products.
Further information about SiCoDe can be found by visiting our website at SiCoDe can be contacted at

6.2 Credits

Programmed by - Matt Hall
TI-82 Port by - Robert Maresh
Original Game Idea - Matt Hall, David Hall
Title Screen Artwork - David Hall
Graphic Design - Matt Hall
Program Engine - Matt Hall
Editor Programmed by - David Hall

Uses SiCoDe GAWar Engine

Explosion Graphic on the title screen taken from Command & Conquer by Westwood Studios and used without permission... but it looks so different, I hope they don't mind :)

6.3 Acknowledgements
SiCoDe wishes to thank...

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