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Advanced Multiplayer Strategy


1.1 What is ORiON?

ORiON is a multiplayer as well as a single player strategy game by SiCoDe. Features include

1.2 Version History 1.3 Future Plans

The only future plan we have for definite is a play-by-email facility. SiCoDe will provide an email server  for this purpose, but the details need to be worked out. Watch out for it.
Anything you want to see in ORiON? Give us a call on our Online Form.

1) Unzip the file ORION.ZIP into any directory, usually your Link Software's directory (e.g. C:\WINLINK).
2) Run your Link Software and send the file ORION.83G to your TI-83.
3) Run the program prgmORION to begin. The server is prgmSERVER
4) Visit SiCoDe's website at for news and program updates.

Contents of ZIP File

This release of ORiON contains the following files:

ORION.83G ORiON Game Files
ORION.83P ORiON Client Program
SERVER.83P ORiON Server Program
ZORION.83P ORiON Default Mission
ORIONM1.83P ORiON Default Mission Backup
ORIONEM.ZIP ORiON Earth Mission Campaign Set
5 missions
ORIONOM1.83P Orion Mission 1 - Project Earth
ORIONOM2.83P Orion Mission 2 - Hostile Intent
ORIONOM3.83P Orion Mission 3 - Counterstrike
ORIONOM4.83P Orion Mission 4 - The Directive
ORIONOM5.83P Orion Mission 5 - Prophecy
ORIONCHK.83P ORiON Campaign Checker
ORIONRND.83P ORiON Random Campaign Generator
ORIONOM.ZIP ORiON Orion Mission Campaign Set
5 missions
ORIONEM1.83P  Earth Mission 1 - First Assault
ORIONEM2.83P Earth Mission 2 - The Survivors
ORIONEM3.83P Earth Mission 3 - Sabotage
ORIONEM4.83P Earth Mission 4 - Redemption
ORIONEM5.83P Earth Mission 5 - Final Stand
ORIONCHK.83P ORiON Campaign Checker
ORIONRND.83P ORiON Random Campaign Generator

ORiON is a complex game. I will try to go through the strategies used and the basic concepts, and please tell me if you don't understand some bits - I can then change them for the next version.

The story so far..

In 2010 Earth suffered a devastating war. Hundreds of ships carrying refugees fled all over the galaxy in a bid to escape the turmoil, founding colonies where they landed. There they discovered the Orions, an alien race from a distant star system who were expanding their territory.  From the ashes of the war, a new government rose and attempted to rebuild the ruins Earth, with the newly formed colonies providing a vital role in the defence of Earth. In July 2053, having occupied many of the systems which surround Sol, the Orions moved against an Earth Colony on Alpha Centuri. It was a devastating defeat for the outnumbered Earth forces. Relations with the Orions crumbled and Earth declared war on them in August 2053, beginning a new war which stretched the impoverished Earth forces resources to the limit. Many colonists defected to the Orions side in a bid to save themselves, but many still remain. As commander of an Earth Colony, what will you choose?

So what do you have to do?

In ORiON you run a colony under the Earth Government. The objective of the game varies depending on what game mode you play. Game modes are set by the ORiON Datafile (prgmZORION), and can vary - anything from surviving a fixed number of turns, to collecting 20000 credits can be the objective.
Game Modes can also be used in multiplayer ORiON - a unique experience. Any number of players (the number is only limited by your available memory) can engage in combat to eliminate each other, whilst simultaneously managing their own colony. Alliances can be formed and broken, deals struck and battles fought.
Turn calculation in ORiON is not built into the game. The ORiON Server handles this, and can calculate for either 1P or multiplayer games. For 1P games, just select the "1P Quick Calc" option, for multiplayer games you will need to use the Settings option to define how many players are in the game, whether the server is playing, and what player number the server is.

Day in the life of a colony commander...

To play your first ORiON game, here's what to do.

I hope this tutorial helps. A description of more complicated strategies and aspects of the game can be found in the Advanced section.

1. Description of the lists used in ORiON.

You can use this to create your own missions, as you need a knowledge of the game's lists to define your own starting conditions.

(note: cheating in the game by editing lists is often extremely easy to spot and is unfair besides. DON'T DO IT!)

lORION (Player's Game File)
1. Version
2. Player Number
3. Turn (0=Player is out of the game)
4. Credits
5. Dropships Attacking
6. Resources
7. Goods
8. Supplies
9. Supplies Price
10. Goods Price
11. Attack Player ?
12.  Fighters Attacking
13. Turrets
14. Shields
15. Fighters
16. Dropships
17. Turrets TL
18. Shields TL
19. Fighters TL
20. Soldier TL
21. Scientists
22. Workers
23. Soldiers
24. Workers Resources
25. Scientists Resources
26. Strategy (1=Loot, 2=Eliminate, 3=Hit + Run)
27. Number of credits to loot
28. Number of supplies to loot
29. Number of goods to loot
30. Turrets Price
31. Shields Price
32. Fighters Price
33. Dropships Price
34. Scientists Price
35. Workers Price
36. Soldier Price
37. Turrets TL research progress (100=done)
38. Shields TL research progress (100=done)
39. Fighters TL research progress (100=done)
40. Soldiers TL research progress (100=done)

lHOST (Host Config File)
1. Version
2. Turn
3. Number of players
4. Host player number (0=host not in game)
5. Turn needed to win
6. Credits needed to win
7. Goods needed to win
8. Supplies needed to win]
9. Attack Number 1 - Turn attack occurs
10. Attack Number 1 - Number of fighters
11. Attack Number 1 - Number of dropships
12. Attack Number 1 - Fighter TL
13. Attack Number 1 - Soldier TL
14. Attack Number 2 - Turn attack occurs
15. Attack Number 2 - Number of fighters
16. Attack Number 2 - Number of dropships
17. Attack Number 2 - Fighter TL
18. Attack Number 2 - Soldier TL

5.1 Troubleshooting 5.2 Known Bugs/Problems 5.3 Contacting Support

SiCoDe will always try to rectify any problems you have with this software. If you do run into any difficulties just email or use our online form to contact us. Please describe the problem fully in order to help us understand the problem.

6.1 About SiCoDe

SiCoDe is a group of programmers who program for various TI calculators in the TI-BASIC language. We also program ASM applets that can be used with TI-BASIC programs. SiCoDe aim to continually provide high quality TI-BASIC programs. These are frequently considered to be inferior in all ways to ASM programs and we aim to eliminate this misconception!
SiCoDe is an member of the TI-BASIC Quality Alliance which means that quality is assured in our products.
Further information about SiCoDe can be found by visiting our website at SiCoDe can be contacted at

6.2 ORiON Online

You can download further missions, and other ORiON resources from EarthCom.

6.3 Credits

Programmed by - David Hall
Original Game Idea - David Hall
Title Screen Artwork - David Hall
Graphic Design - David Hall
Program Engine - David Hall
Official Testing - Nathaniel Gibson
Playtesters - Nathaniel Gibson
                        Thanks to all of you on SiCoDe's Mailing List who Beta Tested ORiON.

Uses SiCoDe ORiON Engine
Uses technology from SiCoDe Colony III, and ORiON v1.0

6.4 Acknowledgements
SiCoDe wishes to thank...

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