SiCoDe Security Suite
-*-***-****----*       v1.4


SiPHER v1.2 Advanced Str En/Decryption
SiMAGE v1.2 Advanced Pic En/Decryption
TPad v1.4 SiCoDe's Notepad Program
CODER v1.0 Str <-> List conversion



SiCoDe Security Suite (SiSecure) is a compilation of SiCoDe's security programs, all included in one collection. Included are programs to encrypt and decrypt String (Str) and Picture (Pic) files as well as to convert strings to lists and back again.



3.1 SiPHER v1.2

SiCoDe SiPHER is an advanced Str encryption and decryption  tool. Using a key built into the program (and    user-customisable) it substitutes letters in a string for another letter in the key. However this means it will lose any  special characters (such as Theta) that you have in your text. Strings can be encrypted more than once, and this will increase the security of the string.
As of v1.1 you can specify your own key. Also encryption progress is now shown as a percentage, so larger strings may  not show any sign of working.

3.2 SiMAGE v1.2

 SiCoDe SiMAGE is an advanced Pic encryption and decryption  tool. It generates a 94 character long key which is used to determine whether to change a pixel at different points in an  image. While this is slow, it will render an image totally unrecognisable. HOWEVER do not encrypt an image more than once otherwise it will become irrecoverable. The key is held in the  form of a list (lPIC) which must be present to decrypt the  image.

3.3 TPad v1.4

While TPad is not directly a security tool, it is useful for  setting strings which you can encrypt using SiPHER. It includes features like "page viewing", SOS compatibility and Str1 memory indicator and is only 729 bytes.

3.4 CODER v1.0

CODER can be used to save your encrypted strings as lists, allowing you to have effecively double the number of strings. CODER is also WritePad (SiCoDe's Advanced String Editor) compatible.


SiPHER has one known bug - when encrypting some larger strings, after encryption an error message will appear. If this happens, do not worry, your string is still encrypted. Just ignore the message. As we are not sure what causes this message only to appear on some strings, and it does no real damage, we are releasing the program anyway.

SiCoDe Security Suite has no other known bugs.

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SiPHER Engine by David Hall
SiMAGE Engine by David Hall
TPad by   David Hall
CODER Engine by Devin Symons
Testing   David Hall You for using SiCoDe Security Suite

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