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: Urban Wars :
  The TI-83's Premier 3D Game
a Basic3D Generation 3 game

: 0.0 CONTENTS :


1.1 About Urban Wars

Urban Wars is SiCoDe's 3D Action Game. Based on other TI-83 3D games, such as Jareth Software's Hell and Daniel Simm's Quake, Urban Wars uses SiCoDe's acclaimed B3D (Basic 3D) engine to set new standards in graphics and gameplay. Here's the features list...

However, SiCoDe can only continue to improve Urban Wars with your help! Please send us any comments or suggestions you may have to:

SiCoDe's website contains extra campaigns and the latest version of Urban Wars. Point your browser to:

1.2 Version History

1.3 Future Plans 1.4 About Basic3D G3

Basic3D G3 (B3D G3) is the third generation of SiCoDe's B3D engine. Using a standard set of programs, programmers can program their own unique 3D games. More about B3D G3 can be found at SiCoDe's website ( where a Software Development Kit of B3D developers tools can be downloaded.


To Install Urban Wars

1) Unzip the file
2) Send the file Urban.83G to your calculator
3) Run prgmURBAN to begin!

To Install extra campaigns

Please note that Urban Wars v1.2 can only use B3D G3 campaign files. Loading a B3D G2 campaign and then using the console will cause the level to restart. This is not a program error.

1) Download the campaigns from the World Wide Web
2) Send the file b3ddat.83P to your calculator
3) Run prgmURBAN. Your new campaign is installed!


The instructions are simple. The viewpoints may take some getting used to however. We recommend you play the first level until you are totally sure of the controls and viewpoint. Things get rapidly hotter after that!


"Up"  Move Forward
"Down"  Move Backwards
"Left"  Turn Left
"Right"  Turn Right
"2nd"  Fire
"ALPHA"  Pick Up/Use Object
"MODE"  See level map
"DEL" Bring up console
        Built-in Console Commands:
        "RESTART" - Restarts Level
        "QUIT" - Quits Level
"Y="  Select (Pistol) Weapon
"WINDOW" Select (Shotgun) Weapon
"ZOOM"  Select (Uzi) Weapon
"TRACE"  Select (Launcher) Weapon
"GRAPH"  Select (V.B.G.) Weapon
"CLEAR"  Quit Urban Wars / Go to next level


Various items of equipment can be found around the level. These are:

 Pistol  Level One Weapon (You start with this)
 Shotgun  Level Two Weapon
 Uzi  Level Three Weapon
 Launcher Level Four Weapon
 V.B.G.  Level Five Weapon
 Medikit  This increases your health to full (100)
 Health Boost This increases your health by 50 (n.b. this means health can go over 100)
 Flag  This is often needed to complete the level
 Talisman This is needed before you can complete the    level.
 Ammo  This adds ammo to a certain weapon


There are three types of enemy in Urban Wars.

 Militia Guard Weak, standard cannon fodder. Member of the Militia. Badly trained and armed.
 LibForce Guard Member of LibForce, a highly dangerous Earth liberation unit. Will stop you if you try to pass.
 ParaMil  Paramilitary. Ex Earth Security soldier. Extremely highly trained. Beware.


The story of Urban Wars depends largely on the campaign installed. However the default campaign has this plot.
You are a member of a special forces unit, assigned to a detatchment of Earth Security which is attacking a Militia complex. The Militia have collected together 5 Talismans which together have the power to unleash a massive destructive force with the potential of wiping out all life on Earth. Your task is to infiltrate the Militia's complex before the main Earth Security assault force and capture the Talismans in order to save the world. As you are an infiltrator, enemy guards may not necessarily attack you, but you will gain extra score by killing them as it will make the assault easier for Earth Security. There are rumours that LibForce, an active terrorist organisation on Earth are supplying Guards and even some Ex Earth Security ParaMils to the Militia.


The objective is to get to the talisman of the level (a notice will appear on screen saying "TALISMAN HERE...") and press "ALPHA". Then, if you press "CLEAR" to quit you will go to the next level in the campaign. Most missions require you to get a flag first (a notice will appear on screen saying "FLAG HERE...").

: 4.0 ADVANCED :

As Urban Wars uses the B3D engine, it is almost 100% customisable. This means that it is extremely easy to design custom levels, graphics and even Total Conversions. However, SiCoDe does ask that the following criteria be met when programming a B3D add-on or tool.
Campaigns - documentation must be included (for example the file ADDON.TXT in Urban Wars' ZIP)
Graphics Sets - As above
Total Conversions - The label "Basic3D G3" must be placed somewhere prominent in the program and credit given to SiCoDe in the program's documentation. It would also be useful if you notify SiCoDe when you release as we are bound to get queries about your game.

By programming a B3D add-on, we assume you agree and will meet the above criteria.

We hope this helps. If you wish to post your B3D add-ons on the internet, please email them as a .ZIP file to and we'll be happy to post them onto SiCoDe's website ( Full credit will be given. Please post campaigns as a zip file, containing documentation (an example ADDON.TXT, is included in this ZIP) as this helps the gamer's enjoyment of the campaign.

If you are having problems, SiCoDe will be ready to help, email us at
A useful tool to obtain would be the Basic3D Software Development Kit, which is available from SiCoDe's website:

4.1 Building Levels using UrbanEdt

UrbanEdt will be a level editor for Urban Wars. It is still being developed.

4.2 Building Campaigns

The program file B3DDAT.83P is the campaign data file. It contains the map matrices and mission briefings. To customise your own campaigns, edit the one that comes with Urban Wars. Strings 0 to 5 are the different lines in the mission briefing screen and L defines the level. THERE CAN BE MORE THAN FIVE LEVELS IN A CAMPAIGN IF DESIRED!
Campaigns can be used with any B3D G3 Game and as long as Hotspots are not used, in any B3D G2 game.


If a hotspot is triggered, the program jumps to the hotspot section of the B3D datafile. Any commands in this section will be executed. For example if a user wanted a message to appear on screen, the following code could be used.

: If A=1 and  B=2       'Co-ordinates of player
: Text(0,10,"DIE SCUM!")


When a user activates the console, the program jumps to the console section. Any commands in this section will be executed. So if someone wanted to put in, for example, a cheat code to get the talisman, the code below could be used.

: If Str0 = "TALISMAN"
: 1 -> T

Weapon Names

In the B3D Datafile, Strings 1 to 5 define the names of the weapons.

Monster Names

In the B3D Datafile, Strings 6 to 8 define the names of the enemies. This can help you build a better background to your campaigns.


Maps in Urban Wars can be any size whatsoever. From 1x1 (probably) to 100x100 (maybe, if the calc's mem can handle it!). They are stored as two Matrices, [A] and [B]. [A] is the map corridor matrix which tells B3D what graphics to show. [B] is the items matrix which tells B3D what items and enemies are in eaxh location. They must be the same size as each other.

Here are the matrix codes for corridor tiles.

[A] Map Corridor Matrix

 O (Vertical Corridor) 1

OOO (Branch Left)  2

OOO (Branch Down)  3

 OO (Branch Right)  4

OOO (Intersection)  5

   O  (Corner Top Left) 6

 O    (Corner Top Right 7

OOO (Horizontal Corridor) 8

 _ (Dead End Top)  9

OOO (Branch Top)  10

OO   (Corner Bottom Left) 11

OO (Corner Bottom Right) 12

 |O (Dead End Left)  13

 O| (Dead End Right) 14

 - (Dead End Bottom) 15

[B] Items and Enemies Matrix

0 Nothing
1 Level 1 Enemy (Militia Guard)
2 Level 2 Enemy (LibForce Guard)
3 Level 3 Enemy (ParaMil)
4 Health Boost
5 Medikit
6 Pistol
7 Shotgun
8 Uzi
9 Launcher
10 V.B.G.
11 Talisman
12 Flag
13 Pistol Ammo
14 Shotgun Ammo
15 Uzi Ammo
16 Launcher Ammo
17 V.B.G. Ammo
18 HotSpot - when players reach a point on the map with this flag, the program will jump to the HotSpots section of the B3D datafile. You can then program anything you want to happen, such as teleportation or a message to flash up on screen.

4.3 Customising Graphics

Urban Wars uses Pics 1 to 9 to display the different types of corridor. Fortunately there is only nine types of view needed to be displayed! The original Urban Wars views were created using the method below. You may release your own graphic which will work in any B3D game.

1) A level was created in Duke Nukem 3D's "Build" level editor on the PC with all the approprite corridors included.
2) Using the "Print Screen" function of Windows, .BMP images were taken of screenshots from Build.
3) The .BMP files were converted to 2 colors and reduced in size to 94 by 62 pixels using Paint Shop Pro 5.0. Several brightness and contrast filters were used to ensure that the view was still recognisable.
4) Using TI-83/2 Image Viewer 2.6 (available from, the .BMP files were imported and saved as .83I format.
5) The finished pictures were sent to the TI-83.

4.4 Total Conversions

To program a Total Conversion, you must create a new graphics set and campaign set. Also a new interface must be programmed. The B3D engine can be used. A B3D Software Development Kit may be obtained from SiCoDe's website at:


Urban Wars has no known bugs. Please send any you find to

Here are some common problems that may be found, which are not program errors...

1) CANNOT COMPLETE LEVEL On most levels, you must pick up a flag as well as the Talisman to complete a level. After you have both the flag and the Talisman, press "CLEAR" to exit to the next level in the campaign.
2) CANNOT MOVE   Are you sure there isn't a LibForce or ParaMil Guard where you are? These enemies stop you from passing them. The only way to get moving again is to fight them or press "BACK".

For technical support, email


Urban Wars Credits:

Urban Wars Programmed by: David Hall
Original Game Idea:   David Hall
Title Screen Artwork:  David Hall
In Game Artwork:  David Hall
B3D Engine:   David Hall
Publicity & Distribution: David Hall
Playtesters:   Matt Hall

Graphics taken from 3D Realm's Duke Nukem 3D. But hey! They don't look the same, do they!

Thanks to: Jareth Software for Hell
  Daniel Simms for Quake
  3D Realms for Duke Nukem 3D on the PC
  Dimension TI for being cool!
  Joey Software for showing interest in B3D before it was actually released, as well for programming Duke 3D
  Barrett Sonntag for reporting that bug :)

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