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The Game of Four Move Mathematical Mayhem


1.1 What is FourOUT?

FourOUT! is a very tricky math game. Don't be put off by it's difficulty, though; it's a lot of fun- if you have the patience! The idea of FourOut is to get a random six-digit number down to ZERO, using only the four standard operators and 2 digit numbers.

1.2 Version History

 v1.0 - First Release
1.3 Future Plans

At this time, the only future plans are: modes that let you pick your own starting number, timed games, and Blindsided play: you can only see the number at the very start but aren't limited to four moves.

1) Unzip the file into any directory, usually your Link Software's directory (e.g. C:\WINLINK).
2) Run your Link Software and send the file FourOUT.86g to your TI-86.
3) Run the program FourOUT to begin.
4) Visit SiCoDe's website at for news and program updates.

The menu keys let you select an operation or Quit the Program, and after you have selected an operation, enter the number where, in the given equations, you are entering a 2 digit only, integer, and your number is X, the number you have worked to is N, and the resulting new number is n: N-X=n; N*X=n; N+X=n, and N/X=n (note that N is divided by X, which is your number, and not the other way around.) Your numbers can only be 1-99.

To play two player, take the absolute value of the final number, take turns solving one puzzle apiece. The lowest absolute value of a difference wins. Always try to get a number divisible by 90; it's always possible on the first move to get it down to that. If you have completely lost, and you cannot do anything more, divide by 99 in all remaning moves to minimise your score; it is impossible to hit 0 this way. Use only * and / if you already have zero ahead of time; you are not allowed to have your entry as a 0.

5.1 Troubleshooting 5.2 Known Bugs/Problems 5.3 Contacting Support

SiCoDe will always try to rectify any problems you have with this software. If you do run into any difficulties just email or use our online form to contact us. Please describe the problem fully in order to help us understand the problem.

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6.1 About SiCoDe

SiCoDe is a group of programmers who program for various TI calculators in the TI-BASIC language. SiCoDe aim to continually provide high-quality TI-BASIC programs. These are frequently considered to be inferior in all ways to ASM programs and we aim to eliminate this misconception!
SiCoDe is an member of the TI-BASIC Quality Alliance which means that quality is assured in our products.
SiCoDe also supports the Basmic Campaign which is dedicated to giving TI-BASIC programmers the credit they deserve for their programs.
Further information about SiCoDe can be found by visiting our website at SiCoDe can be contacted at

6.2 Credits

Programmed by - WAdam Norberg
Original Game Idea - Adam Norberg
Title Screen Artwork - Adam Norberg
Graphic Design - Are you getting the idea here? Adam Norberg
Program Engine - Guess who? Adam Norberg
Playtester - Adam Norberg
6.3 Acknowledgements
SiCoDe wishes to thank...
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